Old Friends / Dance Orchestra

"A friend loves at all times..." Prov. 17:17

     A couple of blogs this week contained the theme of FRIENDS. (Here's two blogs that you can read Amanda and Debbie.)  Had to play along... here's my FRIENDS post!
     This weekend, we were able to visit with an "old family" friend! We're the ones that are "old" - she's the youngest!! The South Plains College Dance Orchestra toured through Wellington, TX at the Ritz Theatre on Sunday and we had front row seats. Whitney Wilson was one of the orchestra's featured vocalists - WOW - what a treat! We first saw Whit perform last year - so this year was a "given"! She's that good - would not miss her performing!!

     Check out a "BLAST from the past" with these pictures. Here's some history... as I was growing up, my parents were good friends with two other families - ahhhh the memories! I was the oldest - and we all had such a great time together as our families did various things together - one of the most favorite things that our parents did was play "88" in dominoes - the women vs. men! ("88" is a form of 42; played with 6 people.) The first pic is our "kids' group" (before Whitney!) and the 2nd is at my wedding when Whitney was 10 days old...

     Hey "Kids" from the group - we need a new picture, huh! What do ya think JMV... Still brings a smile to my face - glad that we all are friends!  
     Check out Whitney as she was performing yesterday at the Ritz! She entertained the audience by singing: "You Go to My Head", "Ain't Misbegavin' ", and "All of Me" - again WOW! She can sing!



If you get a chance to see the Dance Orchestra from South Plains College (made up of retired teachers and such) - you won't be dismayed - they are great entertainment! Also, Wellington has done such an excellent job on renovating the RITZ Theatre... it's a well-worth trip just for a movie on family night! Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you had a great weekend and ready for a FUN-FILLED week! (LOL - Texas Teachers!!)


Amanda KP said...

oh my...the memories!!!! 3 really great families and wonderful 'kids' in all 3!!! :)
wish i had known about the ritz performance--please share next time you know of her performing!!! i don't even know her except through pics but would love to hear her sing!!!! her family was so special to me when we were little!!

Stephanie Harbin said...

What a beautiful little girl you are!! I am glad you had a good time yesterday. We will have to check out that theatre.

mjvaughans said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I don't get to see my baby sister as much as I would like to so I loved her pictures and she loved seeing you all! Thanks for reminding how NOT to do my hair (what was I thinking?) Ha! I'll send you the Hands Across America pictures - remember that!! :-)