"Old Man in a Tree!" / KV's Reunion

This post is for my BROTHER to prove that he did something this weekend! LOL! His wife let him and the girls come to the big C-town to get some furniture... I LOVE YOU GIRLS! We had fun - ice cream, climbing trees, finding rocks... ! CA did some "Son-do's" for mom while he was here... she's getting a new carport and worried that some dead branches would soon dent in her future shed - so CA shimmied up the tree and took care of 'em - how sore were you the next day, bro??

KV and I have these old pictures of our families on our china cabinet. We both grew up in the same town - but different times in school (I'm older, remember...)! These pictures were taken around the same time -- too funny! I love looking at old pictures - CA is my only brother and KV has two sisters.

I'm ALMOST 6 years older than KV... so I didn't know him until I returned back to C-town to teach school - where we met; he's also moved here to teach. It's awkward thinking that I was a high school student when KV was an elementary student - our paths HAD TO cross in this small town; but we did not know each other not until 1992!

Talking about "awkward"... AWKWARD is going to KV's 21st High school reunion this weekend... (I "babysat" these kids...) felt VERY old... I may be classified as a COUGAR - but a very reluctant one! Here's some group shots from his reunion - Class of 88!