A Special "Stamping" Queen!

GOD has blessed me with great friends and family! Have to brag on a special "Stamping Queen" - Stephanie is so special! She is a sweet person "inside & out"! She has taught me SO MUCH in the "rubber stamping/card making" field - it's became a HUGE addiction on my part and she has turned into a dear friend. She's also our local Stampin Up demo - catch her blog here!

For my birthday, she took the time to find something special! She knew that I enjoyed mysteries and she knew that I love to craft... she searched and found me three different series of "Craft Mysteries" - OMG! These are mystery books written with stamping or crafting people that even offer hints and tid-bits of info on crafting along with the storyline - ISN'T THAT COOL?
Totally love it! Thank you again!
Now we'll have to plan a "Stamp a Stack" card-making party where someone "goes missing" and the participants will have to solve the mystery AND make cards - LOL! Just wait - it could happen!!
Stephanie is SO TALENTED! Just this month, she has offered two "Finish It Fridays",a "Technique on Tuesday" using labels (this is such a CUTE idea -)

and a "Stamp a Stack" where the group made 10 cute handmade, stamped cards this last Sunday.

PLUS, the woman, teaches and will give the TAKS this week - how does she do it and raise a beautiful little girl?? She is WOMAN - an awesome woman! I Love you STEPH!

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Stephanie Harbin said...

You are so precious!!! Thank you for the kind words. I get tons of inspiration from you, you know. I Love You !!!

I feel so special, a tribute just for me out there in cyberspace. You rock!