Ready for "Inspiration"?

If you're ready for "INSPIRATION" -

Take a couple of minutes to watch this video about "Johnny the Bagger". It's about how someone can add a little something special to another's life... just one small thing = BIG results!

Also meet BREN BATACLAN - (this was a "Funky Artist" that my students just
studied last Friday) Bren's trying to make a difference. He started the "SMILE Project" - he gives away his paintings with a hopeful note of "Everything is going to be all right..." and invites the new owner of the painting to SMILE more... Read more here about
Bren and where he has left his paintings since 2003.

We can ALL do something GOOD... WHAT can you do TODAY to put a smile on
someone's face? Try it - I dare you - double-dog dare you - "TRIPLE DARE" ...! LOL!
(ya know "Christmas Story... the tongue on the flagpole...)

Have a great day today! You are special - in your own special way!

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Stephanie Harbin said...

That was a great thought! I know you do that when you treat us when you host a workshop. Someone from United or Walmart should watch this.