Aric Playing the Piano

Aric played some of his piano pieces for our local Senior Citizens on Thursday. Here's a video that Ging grabbed during his session of playing! He did an awesome job; just a little nervous!
He has played the piano for almost 4 years with Monson Music. (Alex has played for 7 years!) Aric often "serenades" us awake in the morning with his piano playing! "The Judge" is coming up in a couple of weeks - that's where each participant will go to another town and play 10 pieces in front of a judge for critiquing. Each will receive a score, certificate and pin. Then the piano Recital will be the next day - and then a summer break!
It was great practice for him to perform in front of this sweet audience! All of Mr. Monson's pianists did a wonderful job today!

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Stephanie Harbin said...

Aric did amazing! He has great talent, and he will be so glad that he can play the piano when he is older.