Brought the CHEESE today!

Today, I brought out the "cheese" - so to speak! These cards are "so cheesy"; but cute - gotta make ya smile (: As if these were my only "cheesy" cards... Here's the theme for tonight's cards... "WISH-SHOE a Happy Day" and the centipede has on a delightful array of shoes on the many feet! (Perfect card for LM!!) Had fun coloring these stamped images with prisma color pencils & chalk pastel; matched each one with designer paper - so now I have 4 MORE very "cheesy" cards! Hey! If you're interested in looking at the other cards in the Celebration Card Swap - you can surf here and view them here at this blog!

Sorry it's another CARD POST; I have a friend that is SO bored with my projects -
(Hey Fitz! LOL! Not everyone gets to go "chill" in Las Vegas for a week... he did wave as they flew over Texas or so he says - hee hee! And you should have bet on the TEXAS horse at the Kentucky Derby - could've made lots of $$$!)

It's been so rainy here in big C-Town - just knew that I would have pictures and tales of our Little League Opening Ceremony and first baseball game of the season - but they've been postponed TWICE! We've got PROM this weekend (yes, KV is taking me to prom this year! LOL!) gymnastic recital (Monday), CHS Awards Ceremony (Wednesday), a "Snow Day" on next Friday the 15th! "It's the end of school - hooray!" Heard tomorrow that the sun is coming! We're to have summer-like weather for the rest of the week - high of 90 "sizzle" - Kinda weird being that I added blankets three days ago to our families beds because it was so COLD???
Crazy weather in Texas...

Here's a shout out to GRACIE - our sweet baby cousin

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Grace, Happy Birthday to you!

Elizabeth Grace is celebrating her FIRST birthday today - "Cinco de Mayo"! We love you and will be there next weekend for the grand celebrations - God willing! That's our RSVP - PC!!

Hope you are having a great week! KV and I are taking tomorrow OFF together. It's an "after-TAKS" relief day! Can't wait... Maybe he'll update HIS blog - Honey! "It's been a month" - blog something! You're the one who got me be doing this! LOL! 17 more days of school! Summer is coming!


Stephanie Harbin said...

Adorable cards as always!! I am loving this weather, cause when it gets hot, we are gonna be screaming for some cool. But I was excited for opening ceremony and games. She has missed 3 practices now. Crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Your cards rock! I plan on being in Childress in June. I hope we can get together for a little while. I have cards, I want to mail you! I just need to do it!