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Finally have time to post and talk to ya for a second! The month of MAY has been so hectic and busy! We're merely sleeping at night in our house this month! It's been unreal - but 9 more school days! Yahoo!

Did ya see the "Schoolhouse at the Capitol"
pictures? That's KV & his students having a class in Austin at the capitol of Texas - catch more here at our school's website.

Prom this year was AWESOME - I sound like a kid, huh! KV & I are senior sponsors - so we went to the prom (free chicken fried steak...) this weekend and then went home - NO chaperoning the dance... Each of the students really dressed up nice. The theme was "Casino Night" - the junior students & sponsors did an excellent job with decorations, food and casino games! We had a wonderful time! For MORE pictures of the CHS PROM 2009 - check out the slideshow here!

Our 2nd "Mystery Trip" is coming up TOMORROW! Our family took our first
"Mystery" trip to the Oklahoma City Fair... now with a "snow day" and NO SCHOOL for the 15th of May - we are off for a trip! More details later!

In the studio - it's been "POP-UP" card making time! We've had 3 nieces with birthdays this month... so I made "pop up" cards that
hold a gift card! Also made 2 TWIN cards using the pop-up style... check
them out! The only draw back is mailing
them... with postage going up and the weight + thickness of the card - the Pop Up cards cost over a $1 to mail! OH MY!

Here's a belated "Happy Mother's Day" to all the mothers out there. I could NOT do without my mom - We love you GING! Two of my boys got me some new edge "punches" for Mother's Day - already used them in these projects! They are Martha Stewart edge punches... LOVE THEM! Thank you A & A!
These projects were made for faculty birthdays. They are small memo pads with a decorated front. The first punch is an embossed zig zag edge and the 2nd is an eyelet punch.

As a tradition in my art class, I paint a birthday rock gift for each of my art students... It
used to be all of my ADVANCED art students but now it's for ALL of the art students Art 1 & 2! I paint
a birthday cake with candles on a flat, small rock. I know, I know - it's a rock... but they really like 'em or so it seems! I'm trying to finish up the year... I've got LOTS of rocks; just hope it's enough!

How are YOU? Hope you are finding some time to relax and having some time to spend with your family. How about all this RAIN? - wow! Thanks for stopping by - hug the ones you love! Come back soon!

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Deb ;) said...

Tyler still has his birthday rock!