At 10:10 Aric will be 10!

Today is Aric Nelson's 10th birthday!
 My "baby boy" is 10!  This year we celebrated with a Breakfast Birthday Party!  
His choice!  We took a couple of boys (impromptu - called at 11 am to leave at 4 pm... yep!  we're organized!) Went swimming at the salt-water public pool in Altus, OK.  This pool is ran by their high school; it has two pools (one in and one out) 2 water slides, 2 diving boards (one high dive) and is very well ran; including a concession stand!  Supper was at Taco Bell.  Had a "Sleep Over" (slumber parties are for "girls", ya know!).  This morning we celebrated Aric's birthday with green & blue pancakes, sausage, eggs, chocolate milk (and LOTS of coffee for KV & I!). His birthday cake was a fancy pile of pancakes w/ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce, sprinkles and a cherry on top! Can't believe he's 10!  Life is SO FAST - hang on!  Hope you have a WONDERFUL FRIDAY!


Stephanie Harbin said...

Days pass so quickly and we don't even have time to appreciate our babies. Happy Birthday Aric!

Chris, Paula, Gracie & Thor said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday my dear cousin Aric, happy birthday to you! I love you Aric, Gracie!!!! xxoo

mjvaughans said...

A car full of boys! Looks like super-fun! You are such a fun mom! (I know where you get it from) :-) Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

WHAT HANDSOME BOYS WE HAVE!!! Thanks so much for asking koop to go! He had a ton of fun. We should load everyone up and go sometime this summer! ALL my kids are dying to go now!

BTW...last minute is the only way the Horton's function!!:)

Anonymous said...

You are the most fun!