A New Look!

What a beautiful weekend!  I love the summer, don't you!  
Every minute... it's great!  Could be that, as a teacher, the summer is the "relief" point of the year!  LOVE it!  I need "relief"...

The main reason for having this blog is for up-dating my oldest son ANDY, who is going to school in Alabama, of what is going on in the big C-Town.  He will start his JUNIOR year this fall - OMG!  Can Andy really be that old?  Our school's inservice gave workshops in blogging and how to apply it to our classroom.  What better way to learn than by using it, right?  Can't believe it's almost been a year that we have had this blog.  Time sure flies fast!

Ging has gotten a new look to her house - or in the process!  She's getting a metal carport and fence to match her brown  metal roof.  It's looks great - don't ya think?  She's excited - has been planning and saving for this project for a while!

There's a new electric marquee at the CHS; drove by and saw this today - WOW!  It's on the CHS campus; right on the corner of J & 7th! Guess I missed the memo on this!  We knew we were going to get one, just not at this location.  It'll add something to see down 7th street at the high school!

Here's a "sneak peek" at my June Card Swap entry... it's got a "million" pieces to it!  Funny, just got an email from Steph... are we thinking alike? - she's got a bunch of pieces on her card too!  Great minds think alike, huh - LOL!  The requirement this swap was using red, white & blue.  More later on this project!

MY BOYS!  Can't wait to see them on Monday!  They have actually made it almost the whole week away from home on their "Man Trip".  Monday, I'll finally have my whole family together - so excited!  Andy flies in at 1PM in Dallas - only 4 days; beats nothing!  We haven't ALL been together since March.  I love my boys!  Hope everyone is doing well and you are having a FANTASTIC weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Kyle Vannoy said...

The carport looks really good. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Y'all drive safely. We love you.