The Dilemma

How is your summer going?  Our summer is so BUSY - argh!  We're suppose to be "relaxing" right?  Guess its the way of the world, I don't know.  

We have been saving up money for something special.  It's the big dilemma right now - vacation or plasma screen TV; hmmm!  After several families went to the Great Wolf Lodge; the boys think this is the perfect place to spend our money!   But the TV situation is still here...  We need to buy a new TV soon.   We don't have cable; are really trying NOT to have cable - but would like some form of TV -  can you put "rabbit ears" on a plasma  TV?? (white trash - deluxe, huh!  LOL)  Our old TV is fix'in to die SO... will it be vacation or TV & cable... OR just die in debt...

A brief look into our calendar...  (we're going to have to go back to work to rest and pay for the summer - LOL!)

June 16-20 Man Trip
June 22-25 Great Wolf Lodge
June 26  TEXAS play w/ our MOMS & the Miller Family
June 30-July 1 School TAKS Testing (3rd & 5th)
July 2 4-H Record Books are due (this year I have two to do!)
July 5-8 VBS at the Church of Christ
July 14-18 CAMT (Math Convention)
July 14-17 High School TAKS Testing
July 19-24 QMCC Church Camp 
Aug 3rd  KV starts back to work