"Sweet Poke Cake" Recipe

How about a "SWEET POKE CAKE" recipe for this Wednesday?  Our family likes to discover new tastes... this recipe is one that we have fun with --  this week KV found and we tried a "Cherry Dr. Pepper" Sweet Poke Cake** - wow!  It "so tasted just like DP" - totally wild! 


This is a "tried and true"

 recipe that we use OFTEN! The caramel cake is my standard cake for a Funeral Dessert - it's so easy to make; always have the ingredients on hand or have one in the freezer.  It's that easy.

The FUN is making different POKE CAKES...  here's the directions and 4 cakes that we have made!


You select a cake mix and bake as directed (adding the oil, water & eggs; bake in a 9x13 pan).  Fresh out of the oven, poke the baked cake with the end of a wooden spoon all over the top surface.  Drizzle a can of Sweetened Condensed Milk and selected topping over the poked surface of hot cake.  Let cake cool completely.  Top with a carton of cool whip topping and serve!  Refrigerate any leftovers.  Serves 10-12  (Cake can be frozen at this time; then served frozen!  Good for making ahead of time; or making LOTS for fundraisers...)

Classic style is the SWEET CARAMEL CAKE;  use a German Chocolate Cake Mix, Caramel ice cream topping along with the sweetened condensed milk, cool whip and add toffee pieces on top. (aka - "Knock Me Naked" Cake)

PINA COLADA CAKE; use a Pineapple Cake Mix, CoCo Lopez (coconut milk; found in the "mixed drinks" aisle at grocery store!), add shredded coconut & pineapple tidbits on top or NOT... have fun!

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM CAKE; use a Strawberry Cake Mix, strawberry ice cream topping... (we even found strawberry flavored cool whip!)

** DR. PEPPER CAKE; use a White Cake Mix; "Cherry Dr. Pepper" ice cream topping (KV found this new topping at Wal-Mart -- wild tasting!)...

Let us know what you like or have tried using the Poke Cake method - LOL!  Hope you are having a great week!  I'm sorting through FIVE (yes "5")

 YEARS of unfiled pictures! ARGH!  We haven't organized photos since we moved into this house... what were we THINKING (not to file photographs obviously!!)  How do you keep your "memories" together?  We keep photo albums... (believe it or not, I don't scrapbook yet!  I have it all filed chronically, might be KV's 2nd wife's job to scrapbook, huh!)   Wish me luck - "sob"!