Busy Summer!

How are you this summer? 
 We are keeping busy.  So busy, it's hard to blog!
  Had to get a phone call telling me that it's been 3 days since my last post...  SO!  Fitz, this is for you, Man!  Meet "Fitz" - that's him and his beautiful wife, Amy.  Fitz and I go WAY BACK - he's my BFF from South Carolina!!

The boys put on a luncheon piano program along with two other handsome boys and their instructor Mr. Monson at a community church at the end of last week.  MH blogged about their program here!  Check it out!

KV received a belated anniversary gift -  a Garmon GPS.  It doesn't take much to excite us - but WOW!  And talking with so many others... guess we're the last to get one!  It's way too cool -  We've named "her" Lady Gar  ("Garmon")... get it? It does talk with a woman's voice!
 Lady Gaga would be proud... why we picked a dirty-mouth singer to be our inspiration of a name for our gps??  Who knows!  

Any-who, KV is headed to Houston  
for a Math-Geek Convention (seriously, it's CAMT and they all are Math teachers... he gets into all that math stuff... but no pocket protectors ...yet!)!  He's escorting two other lady math teachers; neither have been before!  He is so excited!  So he'll try "Lady Gar" out in a big town!  Hope it proves to be a good investment or (at least) a great anniversary present; we just celebrated 14 years of marriage - OMG!  Do you have a GPS yet?  Any clues or hints that you'd like to share...  we're new at this - LOL!

Of course, I've been crafting!  My "studio" has been at least 10 degrees HOTTER than outside - that's 125 degrees - SO!  I've been pulling my stuff inside TRYING to stay cool.  Can you believe how hot it's been? yuk!  Steph (local Stampin Up Demo) has been keeping all of us busy with TONS of ideas!  VMc had a Stampin Up party and we made two 
Christmas items - an embossed-glitter card and "sour cream" container using a "marbled-ink" texture trick filled w/candy.  Also Fall & Halloween items - a Fall can that has the cutest punch pumpkin along with a top trimmed in ribbon and a CU-TE Halloween treat box-bag.  Can't believe that it'll be time to make Halloween and Fall items soon!  Have you seen the "School Supplies" out in the stores?  Won't be long until Halloween will follow. 

During a Technique Tuesday, we made these "window sheet" cards (using SU's window sheets that has patterns on them) - they are fast to make cards and really cute!  LOVE THIS!  Can't wait to see what she's got for this Technique Tuesday - it's learning how to do 3-D cards!  Will post later!  Here's a link to check her out!

Yesterday, brought out the Cricket and made lots of "Thank You" and "Get Well Soon" word-lettering to put on cards.  I'm so behind on sending out cards ~ (add that onto my "To Do"  list...)

The Cricket is "contrary" to say the least... I need time and practice using this machine!  But I had fair results with the cards - what do you think?

One last thing to share - Butternut Squash.  Have you ever tried this?  Love the summer with all the fresh fruit and veggies!  Didn't have a clue what or how to do this veggie - so "googled" it... and got to meet Roni and her website here  - she had all these great recipes and videos.  She even had a video on cutting a butternut squash - which is super low in calories and high in fiber.  Also tried her recipe for BNSquash Fries;  which my kids LOVED!  Would love to try a BNsquash soup!  If you have a BNsquash recipe... please share!  We really liked this veggie!

Hope you are having a fabulous week and are keeping out of the heat.  Thanks for stopping by!  Take care and HUG the ones you love!


mjvaughans said...

Yeah, you're back! Your cards are awesome! Want to hear my Lady Gaga joke?

How do you make Lady Gaga cry?

Poke her face!


Stephanie Harbin said...

Wow, what a great post. I don't know if I have ever tried butternut squash, but my aunt got some while we were there and we had the same conversation about what to do with it!! Thanks for putting pics of my stuff. I didn't take pics of either of those projects, so may copy yours if you don't mind.

Everyone names their garmon. My aunt's is Dora after her aunt. Mine is Tinkerbell after, well, you know who, cause I love Tink!! But my family wouldn't let me get my picture made with her at Disney cause the line was too long. That is the reason we have to go back!!

I love playing with you and all your projects look great!