Vannoy "Break Dancer"

Tuesday, we helped with our local 
4-H Summer Day Camp.  
We had several young kids from Amarillo, TX  come and teach about 50 kids to "Break Dance" - too fun!  Aric (our youngest) was "in heaven" - he may be a white boy and Church of Christ - but this kid dances all the time - LOL!  Alex helped as a leader.  The whole day was a great success.  Our 4-H County Agent is awesome - he and his wife put in a lot of time and effort for this event and it was SUPER! (Cudos Lonnie and Kim!) Check out this link for more info on our local 4-H club!   After 3 hours of dancing; hot dogs and snow cones - the kids played Water Musical Chairs and Kick the Stick! 
 A great time was had by all... and Aric is STILL dancing away in our den! LOL!  
Have a great day!


Stephanie Harbin said...

looks like ton of fun!!!

Jenschke Family said...

Love the pictures!!! Lonnie and I have fun watching kids and helping them have fun so as tired as we are, we loved it!!!

Send me some pictures of the day so Garrett can put them on the blog. Thanks for the help.