The Capes were a success!

How are you today?
 Summer days are the best!  Do you agree?  I love how most are relaxed and each enjoying a vacation here or there.  "Home Sweet Home" is our motto this week!  It's a vacation to just be home - and we're celebrating with VBS = LOL.

 The capes were a success!  I recruited KV and my mom to help me make "Super Hero" capes, along with several other ladies who made 10-12 capes each.  My group made around 100 - to
make a grand total of  about 150.  We had planned to make around 180; but our attendance was way down this year and we didn't have to make any more.    Check out even the little ones... too cute, huh!

Last night, the boys caught a fat frog after VBS and brought it home.  They just knew that the "she" frog was pregnant - I just thought it was really fat!  This morning, our wagon - that is filled up with rain water- was FULL of teeny-tiny tadpoles - OMG!  Guess my boys were right after all.  SO!  We've added a 1,000 new "pets" to our family - LOL! Thanks for stopping by - HUG the ones you love!  Come back soon!  Have a great week!  

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Ericka Moore Photography said...

We LOVE the capes! Isabella is wearing hers this morning and Nick has even been sneakin' around in his! Great idea!!