Feeling Good!

The 4-H Record Books are done - Hallelujah!  I'm feeling good... or more like - relieved!  Had only one "melt down" yesterday... KV came to my rescue - these books are horrible to finagle and fit ALL the information and pictures in the selected spaces - argh!  They are done - I feel like dancing!  They will be judged at District on the 9th of July.  
Hey! Speak of dancing... I copied this video from "Dawn"
- who got it from "youtube" - check it out 
(there are lots more of Frosty videos if you like this one).  
  My boys LOVED this - made us smile - 
so I'm sharing it with you today! 
 Have a great day!  Enjoy - 


mjvaughans said...

If you really loved me or anyone in my family, you would never, ever speak of the dreaded RB (I can't say it outloud) again! I still have nightmares from trying to TYPE (yep, no computers then) ours. Why, oh, why haven't they made them any easier to do by now??!! Why can't it all be online and simple like posting to a blog?? But God bless you for doing it - after all we all (and by all, of course I don't mean Matt) went to college on those 4-H scholarships! By the time Andy is old enough to do one, they better be easier by then!!

Stephanie Harbin said...

That is one demented bird. Happy 4th!!