Ever heard of "Belly Weights"??

This week's recipe swap has been a tradition FOREVER in our house.  
A recipe passed from my grandmother, down to mother, 
down to me, down to my kids...  

Saw the infamous "Paula Deen" fry these up and had to laugh!  It's been a tradition in her house also, I bet!  

Frying canned biscuit dough! 
This was a real treat in my childhood ... with an ice-cold Coke - Oh my!  I have a friend that doesn't cut a hole; just cuts the biscuit in half and fries them up - calling them "Belly Weights"... because you eat so much that they weigh down your belly!  hee hee!  You'll see them in local Asian buffets... hmmm!  "Ancient Chinese Secret?" LOL!

For a great "Comfort Food" snack... not "low cal"  (P.D. did fry hers in peanut oil) try this snack in the afternoon or evening or breakfast...

Fried Canned Biscuits
Lay out canned biscuits on a cutting board and cut out a hole from the middle of each biscuit. (Or just cut in half like Sue-etta... back in the day, we used bottle-tops to punch out the middle... ahhh, the memories!)   Fry them in the oil until golden and then flip with tongs to fry the other side.  Drain on paper towels and then toss in the
 cinnamon-sugar or powdered sugar or ice and decorate with sprinkles.  Yum!  We always put the drained fried biscuit in a small brown paper bag (lunch bag size) along with the powdered sugar or cinnamon-sugar and shook to coat - makes for an easy clean up!  Enjoy!

Here's a peek at the homemade paper for the July Card Swap - Check back later and I'll "hopefully" have my cards done! They are due on the 31st. The requirement was to RECYCLE something - to reuse or recycle something on the card... In this case - it's newspaper and purple onion skins!  - LOL!  Thanks for stopping by!  Hug the ones you love and enjoy your SUMMER!



Stephanie Harbin said...

looks beautiful. I will be requiring some of those "belly weights" when you bring your cards over...

Jenschke Family said...

I have not had fried biscuits in years!!! My mom always pulled out the cheapest canned biscuits you could buy and fry them up for an evening snack. I absolutely love them.

I have a can in the frig.....just might treat my kids....they will think I have invented something new. Ssshhhh....don't tell them any different!