Homemade Paper

Making Paper Today!
Hello!  Hope all is well with your bunch!  We are trying to soak up the last bit of summer as much as we can this week - KV goes back to work on Monday.  
We've had a great summer - it just went by so fast!  ZOOM!

What does old newspapers, white glue, water and some red onions make?  Hmmmm!  A huge mess, so far - argh!  I'm trying to recycle paper and make my July Card Swap- but it's not working out so well.  Have you ever made paper before?  I may NEVER do this again, LOL!  I've got the blender out, using my trusty "deckle" from college... but I don't remember it being SO messy! Made up this "goo"... and now, it's the sun that will really tell the tale - if this works! 
 The sun will dry and bleach out the homemade paper; then I'll iron it A LOT; then make cards from the paper... the purple onion skins add a pretty purple color (of the red onions??) to the paper...  I'll post the finished card - hopefully tomorrow!

Alex is sick at home with STREP - He had a bad headache Sunday and started feeling bad by the end of that day.  Monday he complained a little with a sore throat, but today he was SICK - so after testing for possible mono or strep; the Dr. called back with a positive strep test!  He got a shot - which works very fast - but today he is just kicking back and resting!  It's a good thing, because Thursday starts his football training!  So!  If you were at church camp (and we're guessing that this is where he was exposed) Watch Out!  We have strep!  Keep us in your prayers - we're a family that likes to "share" and strep maybe one that we all have - ARGH!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!  Hug the ones you love!