Lemon Pie Recipe

Here's a super-easy pie recipe for this week's Recipe Swap - it's

Ice Box Pie
given to me by my ex-inlaw-great grandmother (LOL!) It's an Alabama recipe!
Thanks Ella Fae!  Tart, sweet, easy and great for a quick dessert on a "indian summer" night!

Lemon Ice Box Pie
1 Box Vanilla Wafer Cookies
3 Lemons (1/2 cup juice)
1 (14 oz.) Sweetened Condensed Milk
2 egg yolks; beaten

In a 9" pie plate; line bottom and edges with the vanilla wafer cookies to form a cookie crust. Juice the lemons (microwave each lemon for 15-20 seconds to yield more juice); in a medium bowl add lemon juice, condensed milk and egg yolks; mix until smooth.  Pour mixture into crust.  Refrigerate at least an hour; you can top pie with a meringue or whipped topping or enjoy just plain!   Serves 8-10  Enjoy!

Sharing some pics on this year's CHS Art room.  Changed it around a bit this year, hoping for better visuals using the lcd projector and a new screen - I give a variety of presentations and show lots of pictures; HEY!  It is art... hee, hee!  This year, I've got GREAT classes (92 students) and we are off with an awesome start!  Only 176 more days...
This has been the looooongest week of the year; so ready for the weekend!  With our football game on Thursday night... we will have a full weekend!  YAHOO!  KV and I are doing concession stand with freshman class this year (Boo!) We only have 4 home games. Can you believe it's fix'n to be September - argh! Hope you have had a good week!  Thanks for stopping by!  Hug the ones you love...

Here's a cool link to an "artsy-fartsy" thing - check it out!


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I personally think September is a fabulous month! ha ha!! I like the room layout, looks good! love yall!