Geocaching in Childress, Texas

What is "GEOCACHING"?  
We had NO idea - until Friday.  As we were making a visit to our local cemetary - we ran into our good friends "Mr & Mrs L" with their family - and they were searching for an object.  They shared with us what they were doing - searching for a GEOCACHE!  We were totally intrigued...  so I'm sharing with you, because it's SO COOL!  It's like a treasure hunt...using your GPS... something that is happening all over the world!   Here's a video to explain a quick intro of what geocaching is... or check out the website for more information or to "sign up" and join the fun!
So!  After searching on the web; Finding out that there are 885,755 active geocaches around the world TODAY!  That there were 6 (yes! six) geocaches hidden just within 5 miles of us - here in "Hickville, USA" - as "some" people think of us!!  LOL!  We had to try it out!  So, Saturday was declared our "Family Adventure Day" to try out GEOCACHING.
  We had a BLAST! This is something that the WHOLE FAMILY can do and it doesn't cost any $$$ - how cool is that?  My boys LOVED it - and we did too!  It was an "adventure" searching for the cache!   We found 5 out of 6 geocaches and have plans for 2 more tomorrow that are  around 10-12 miles out of town...
  Here's some pictures from our HUNT today!  Not telling you where they are...  you've got to find them yourself!  Come join the fun!  If this is old news to you... tell us how you got involved and/or how many you've found so far! 
Hope you are having a GREAT weekend.  Hug the ones you love ~ 


Maria said...

My little brother and his wife go geocaching all the time. When he was in the military, they geocached even in Okinawa Japan!! I think that they have a special to do at Caprock Canyons for geocaching out there.

Jenschke Family said...

Ok, now I am intrigued!!! Maybe I can get my family on board. We'll give it a try. I am always looking for something fun other than pigs!!!!!!!

Thanks for passing on the info!