"Scrapbook in a Box"!

How are you?  We've been trying to keep cool and enjoy the last bit of summer!  Here are some pics of the boys at their 4-H swimming party!
Oh! This hot weather...  How are you tolerating it?  The heat is so "hot" - good reason of wanting to go to heaven and not the other "hot" place, huh!  


Learned how to make a "Scrapbook in a Box" - it looks complicated, but really an easy project.  Roxy has a video tutorial here... 
Well, I just had to make a "Scrapbook in a Box" and fell in love - too cute!  Aric had a friend over to spend the night and his little friend wanted so bad to make his mother one. So we did! We made her a "Love Box" - including the names of her husband and sons; all she will have to do is add pics of them!  (Used the cricut machine to cut the names.  The rest came from scraps...) Now, she'll have a mini "scrapbook" of the ones that love her most!   She just had surgery and her sweet son wanted to make her feel better - too sweet. Hope you're feeling better soon, Arica! 

With the pink and brown designer paper, I had to make one for Grace also (my baby cousin in Midland).  What's a project, if you can't give it away or share?  So, PC - I'm sending this one "snail mail" - assembly it and add pics - I want to see what you come up with!  It really was an easy project - 30 minutes tops...  You can fold the project up and take it in a box - to share -  just unfold it!  Think I can use this in the classroom?  Have the students assembly this and then have them decorate it creatively using their personality or life for the theme?  Hmmmmm!  You would be surprised at what these kids can do... WOW!  Just might have to try this!

Gotta think of a "manly" one to do for Andy Hayes -  Any suggestions?  Maybe a black and white theme...  I just love the butterflies and flowers, but those aren't very "Manly", huh!  Think I can put an elephant on it - argh!  He really loves that dumb university... "Roll Tide" - better shut up; he'll be paying for my retirement home one day !  Oh! I'll think of something!  Love you, Andy Hayes!

Hope YOU are doing well. and keeping cool!  Thanks for dropping by!  HUG the ones you love "real tight"!  Here's to a GREAT weekend!

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Chris, Paula, Gracie & Thor said...

OMG Love it. I'll put pics of my silly girl and take pics to post! Although it's very intimidating to post art compared to yours! Oh well, everyone knows you are my craft role model! Planning on trip soon, just have to figure out uhaul thing! Love you all so! PC