Wednesday Night Supper for 100!

WHEW!  This has been a hectic week... and it's only Thursday!  Last night, we cooked our annual meal of the year for our church family!  Guess this is year 5?! Every month, a family host the Wednesday night supper before church.  August was our month, this year our menu included Pasta with a choice of two toppings:  traditional Red Sauce or a classic Alfredo Chicken and Broccolli; green beans, salad, garlic toast and KV's infamous Kool aid Pie!  

We cooked 12 lbs. of spaghetti noodles, used 8 cans of Hunts' spaghetti sauce, 10 lbs. ground beef, 8 jars of Ragu' Alfredo sauce, 8 lbs. chicken, 5 lbs. frozen chopped broccolli, 4 bags of hamburger buns, 3 LARGE cans of green beans, 5 sacks of salad mix, 6 Roma tomatoes and made 12 kool aid pies - WHEW!  Fed 108 people - YEAH!  And still had leftovers to take to several families that were under "doctor's care"!  LOL!  We are excited that it was done without any major fires or anyone seriously wounded!  

Thank you to all that help!  No way that we could've done it by ourselves - especially the "Ging"!  We have an AWESOME church family that ALWAYS works well together as a team!  Thanks again!

So for this weekly "Recipe Swap" is an ancient family secret... two family traditions - 
"Hunt's" and "Ragu' "
Is that cheating?  Or just making it possible for a working mother to still cook and feed her family without indulging in "fast food"! LOL!  You decide!  It's just a way of life for us!  Here's also a link to KV's infamous "Kool Aid Pie".   Hope you have a great day!  Thanks for coming by and reading!  Please say a positive prayer for my friend CRYSTAL - we are hoping that she receives GREAT news today about her health!  Hug the ones you love!