School days are coming quick!

It's official! - all three boys are registered for school!  Andy actually starts BEFORE the boys this year - hee hee!  He starts the 20th!  He'll start his junior year in college at Alabama - argh! Here in Childress, we start school the 24th -  Alex will be a 7th grader in Jr. High; Aric will be a 4th grader (he has Ms. McDonald!). 

 It's going to be a good year!  Wishing you one too!

Finally finished  the last Harry Potter book (KV read outloud the WHOLE book to us!)what a"fabulous" ride...  can't believe that I waited 2 years to finish the series... was scared of the ending, I guess - but WOW - what an awesome ending!  Finished the Twilight Series also - it ended good too; just wasn't a big fan.  I CAN finish reading series of books!  (Although, I didn't ever finish the "Gunslinger" series  by S. King... his endings aren't very good and after putting in YEARS to read... I'll just "guess" of how it ends!)  LOL!  Got an author you really like? Let me know!  I really like to unwind with a good audio book in my studio at night!

Hug the ones you love - here goes out a BIG HUG to the Smith/Stegall family with the passing of Tammy - she was a  "one of a kind" person!  There are many childhood memories,  lots of great recipes  and super "out of the box" craft ideas that she was ALWAYS willing to share; I will treasure these dearly - Tammy will be missed by many...   Have a great weekend!

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