Forgot how GREAT Fridays can be!  
In the summer - EVERY DAY is wonderful!  During a school year - FRIDAYS are the important days! LOL!  And this Friday leads to a 3-day weekend - yahoo! Before Friday, we had NERD DAY at CHS - aren't these the CU-TEST  NERDS...  
two of my awesome students this year!  One is a sr. football player and one is a freshman who is a manager for the Bobcats - they have great BOBCAT SPIRIT - makes work fun, huh!  (I really
 do have great students in my art classes this year!).  
The Childress Bobcats are playing the Iowa Park Eagles tonight in football.  We should go to the game - but prior arrangements are leading us to just stay home.  But the boys had other motives...
there is a carnival in town -  argh! Here's a group shot from the carnival! There are 4th  graders in front and I'm having to stand on tip -toes just to see over their heads - argh!
And YES, Alex is also taller than me - double-argh!  
Have a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by!  
Hug the ones you love!


Chris, Paula, Gracie and Thor said...

hey shorty, I'm laughing so hard! Do not point those things out, I simply thought you were moving in the group. Aww I love my sweet SHORT cousin!

Maria said...

Melissa - try this website - I looked at it and Frenship results are on it too! (this is where I find Scout's results!)