We are ALIVE... and blogging!

Hey there!  SO SORRY that we've taken a brief absence from blogging - merely because of being SO BUSY!  This last week was exhausting... but we got a lot accomplished!  
Missed sharing with you - please forgive me!  I'm trying...  

So here's some a brief summary of our activities from last week!

 Aric's 4th grade class visited the local Fire Station and the Bobkittens played here against Dimmitt on Thursday.  Then we had our Homecoming parade, pep rally and tail gate and the weather was COLD.
We had our second concession stand "Homecoming" night on the 9th.  The CHS Bobcats defeated Dimmitt; and we had no major catastrophe!  

Saturday was COLD, but we held our ONE DAY 4-H anyways in our Fair Park pavillion - and it was a great success!  Here's some pics from that!


Saturday night, the 4th Annual Talent Show was held and this was Aric's 1st year to enter!  
 Alex has participated and earned three different trophies - now it was Aric's time!  He did an excellent job playing the piano - "Pac Man Fever" and the theme song to "Batman"!  He was thrilled to win a trophy!

Sunday was a true day of REST - after church - the whole family napped and rested!