Things learned through the Thanksgiving Break!

Can't believe the Thanksgiving break is almost over...
How fast time flies!
Here are some things that I have learned throughout this break!

FAMILY is #1! I have enjoyed each and every minute with my family. We have BOTH families in the same town - so we do not travel; which is nice to just stay HOME. It's such an enjoyment not making a schedule and just relaxing at home! We all enjoyed the break and taking "a break" from our busy schedule!

That my favorite side dish for Thanksgiving - the classic "BROCCOLI & RICE" casserole can be made with spinach. Okay! How bad is my eyesight these days... I bought, defrost and starting cooking the frozen chopped spinach into this recipe and didn't notice it until the SMELL wasn't the same - argh! BUT - lesson learned! My husband ate and LOVED this dish - he hates broccoli... hmmmm! New classic favorite now, huh!

That I can't make the "No Bake Oatmeal Cookies" correctly TWO times in a row! I LOVE these cookies and hardly can make them where they harden up the right way! Made these cookies last week and they were perfect - this week they turned into the "Snow-dipped Dung Balls" - but still tasted great! Also made peanut patties that didn't work either... good but a chewy-gooey mixture... maybe the rainy Sunday weather effected my cooking - hmmm!

That there IS a reason for piercing baked potatoes when cooking them - they EXPLODE if you don't! BOOM! Learned this the hard way... I always pierce them until Friday.... when making a Baked Potato Soup and needing a couple of baked potatoes... I forgot to pierce them - WOW - do exploded potatoes make a mess...

And last but not least - Dorothy was right -
There's no place like HOME!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! Enjoy the last day - thanks for stopping by! Hug the ones you love!


Jenschke Family said...

Hey, just a tip: put about 4 or 5 large marshmallows in the no bake cookies and let them melt. Helps the harden! Works for me!

The Vannoy Family said...

Ahhhh! Excellent idea - thanks for sharing, Kim!