Back to the grind!

Hope you survived Monday with a smile!

Had lots of requests or inquiries about the "Snow Dipped Dung Balls" - hee hee! Here's a pic... they are rejects of the No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies... cookies that were too gooey and didn't set firm. So I rolled them into balls and dipped them in powdered sugar! Woo-lah! "Snow-dipped Dung Balls"! They're good - just ugly ! Hope that helps for an explanation!

At our house, putting up the Christmas lights has traditionally been led by our oldest son - Andy Hayes. Andy is in Alabama attending college and won't be here until Christmas day - SO! The tradition has been handed down to Alex - the 2nd son - who was all to eager to accept the job! We both (KV and I) were leery of allowing Alex on the house - especially our new house - the pitch is SO STEEP on this roof - I helped one year and was so sore - had trouble walking for 3 days (LOL!)! But he is 13 or will be on Tuesday... SO! Saturday was deemed - Christmas Lights Day; before the cold front hits. Even Aric got to help some with the lights - won't be long before this title is handed down to him - OMG! Here's some pics from this event!
Hey Andy Hayes! We THINK of you often, but now we SEE you often... Donna S. has put up a whole bunch of photos that she has taken in a store's windows downtown and YOURS is up there! Remember the "Blue Eyes" from your Sr. 07 pics? We get to see it every time we go through downtown! Too cool!

These pics are for Fitz... he's such a guru! Hee hee! Still on the brink of buying a TV and getting cable ( this has been a long time dilemma for us! We haven't had cable for almost 6 years). If we get a new TV - then we've got to get rid of the oak entertainment center that we bought 14 years ago... (one of my favorite pieces of furniture; sniff - sniff!) and rearrange the whole den area - which is okay! I've wanted to include the fireplace as a focal point of the room - and can do this along with placing the new TV over on the other side of the room - next to the fireplace. BUT... see those glass bricks... that's from the master bathroom into the den - weird, huh! The TV now is on the west side; fireplace on the east. So, not sure I'm in for a CHANGE that big... any suggestions? This is where the pics come in for Fitz - he wanted pictures to "visualize" our den's layout - Good Luck!

CA - hope you had a great day for your birthday! You were in our thoughts today, Little Bro! Gosh, you're getting old! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great tomorrow! My baby boy Alex will be an "official" teenager of 13 - argh! WOW! Where has the time gone? Hug the ones you love!

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mjvaughans said...

I told my whole family about your no-bake adventures and we all laughed! That cookie recipe is a staple in all our homes and my mom is the only one who can seem to always get them right. I never think about winter weather (that we don't have near as much as you guys do) without thinking about us riding that plastic round thing down our snowy, icy street in Childress and going under the van! Ha! Hope your next 3 weeks at school go fast - and mine too! Love you!