Another teenager in the house...

December starts with Alex turning 13 - WOW! Where was the baby that I held in my arms? Now he's this tall, skinny kid - that is a delight to be around. This week has been such a "whirl wind" for him... we haven't even celebrated his birthday yet - except with some scrambled eggs and donuts as he rushed out the door early Tuesday morning. Monday, he was in Muleshoe with the BB; late return, Tuesday - River Road for Regional Band try-outs; home at midnight and today UIL in Plainview; left at 6:45 AM... the teen has MAJOR homework now - some birthday; welcome to real life, huh! He's a sweetheart! LOVE YOU, Alex! Happy 13th b-day

Have I told you how "talented" my husband is... being an art teacher; I pride myself on seeing the ART in everything! Well, here's KV's latest artistic attempt of a "mobile" (I think!) - balance is the key! He's a nutt, huh! We've got to find him a 3rd job... to fill in his time! And you MIGHT think that he knows what to do with a clothes hanger, hmmm - build mobiles! Hey! New trend??

Never a dull moment at our house - argh!

How are you enjoying this FREEZING
weather? Brrrr! We've got all of the outside faucets wrapped and covered. Now! We're set for snow... and praying for a late start in the morning for Thursday or Friday! 10 AM sounds good! Or early release... LOL! Always wishing my life away, it seems! Hope you and yours are doing well and keeping warm! Thanks for stopping by - hug the ones you love! Upcoming... "Make, Bake and Grow" gifts - check back soon! Have a great week!