Family Day!

Our family planned a day out - it was "Meal and a Movie" time! We all received "Geocaching" shirts at Christmas... so we all donned our new shirts
and headed on the trail to the big city of Amarillo!

Of course, we had to break Andy Hayes in right! He's done his own geocaching - but not
"family-style" yet!

We were able to pick up 3 geocaches on the way! One was in the Goodnight Cemetery... totally a "Lonesome Dove" theme - too cool and rich in cowboy history! Even found a traveling bug named "Mr. Roach" who's goal is to travel through the 50 states and now he's on the way to ALABAMA - thanks to Andy! LOL!

Next on the list was our family's favorite place to eat... Fazoli's - YUM! It started to snow - but no fears... we don't have to work until Monday - HA!

The movie that we picked was
The Blind Side.
Have you seen it? WOW - what did you think? If you haven't seen this movie - GO! It is SO GOOD! Touching, funny - it's a total "feel good" movie! GO!

After some shopping, we were headed home! It was a great family day. The boys are all going separate ways tomorrow - so this is the last of "all 5 of us" for this year. Kinda sad... but time moves us all along! God willing... we can have more!

How are you? Do you survive the Christmas/New Year break well? Are you liking this weather? It is the winter! Love the snow! Hope all is well! Thanks for stopping by! Hug the ones you love! Until next time...


Jenschke Family said...

I just love your family. You love spending time together and it shows. I am determined to do more as a family this year and will use your family as a guide. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me!! Happy New Year.

Charla (SHar-la) said...

I want to know more about geocaching and how you do it. I know basically what it is, but it sounds so fun! I'm going to make PW's cinnamon rolls tomorrow! CAn't wait! YUMMY!