New Year's Eve Snack Food

Happy New Year!
We welcome the brand new 2010
with opened arms!
Last night, we celebrated with family and finger foods! Ended up watching "Horton Hears A Who"... on our new TV. Why that movie? We had children that toss the vote over on that side (LOL!)

This Christmas, my two youngest sons got me The Pioneer Woman's CookBook... (Thanks to friends from the big C-Town that informed all of us who the Pioneer Woman is and who actually got to meet, grab a shirt and an autograph and actually made Ree (that's the Pioneer Woman) and her dog organic & personalized dog biscuits!) WOW!

This is an awesome cookbook - just to read, even! The recipes are simple and delicious. Ree has a great website here and her photography is outstanding; along with her recipes! Check her out!

From her cookbook - we made to celebrate the New Year was the PW's Potato Skins - YUM! They were the hit of the party! This was an old favorite of mine from "back in the day" of college and the Copper Caboose...
ahhh the memories!

The neat thing about this cookbook is that she takes pics of EVERY STEP... very helpful!

Here's a website for the recipe for PW's Potato Skins. Try them out! You will LOVE them! Make plenty of them - they go quick!

Happy New Year!