The weekend BEFORE Christmas

The weekend before Christmas, we traveled to the metroplex to visit KV's dad & family. Before we got to his house - our family indulged in Six Flag's Holiday in the Park! It was the perfect Saturday to do this!

What a treat! And how odd to walk in Six Flags and see people clad in jackets, gloves and hats; hear Christmas music, see Christmas lights and decorations everywhere and eat Christmas food! It was great - and still very busy! LOL - lines for most rides!
Later that Saturday, we traveled and spent the next two days with KV's dad and family! KV has a brother that was there also this weekend. HI TRAE! We all had a great time. We even introduced them to the sport of "geocaching" - yahoo! We were able to hit several down in the Chalk Mountain area! Here's a couple of pics of the Vannoy Boys!!
Glad to be home once again - and remembered that the TRAFFIC is one of the main reasons that we live in a small town! LOL! OMG... We LOVE our small town living!

Hug the ones you love! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are getting ready for Christmas! It's coming FAST!