Last minute gifts!

This week has been busy with making last minute gifts for teachers and co-workers. I still feel that homemade gifts are more special than bought ones.

KV, Alex and I went shopping Thursday - Boy! Christmas has turned into a commercial event; Buy, buy, buy! Spend, spend, spend! ARGH! Do you feel this way? Or have a got the "Bah Humbugs"?

We made 8 batches of our "Hot Cracker Bits" to give to teachers & neighbors from school and church. It's our recipe for this week's Recipe Swap! This recipe was given to us using regular "saltine" crackers - but we've altered it in using "Oyster crackers" - more of a snack-mix with a kick. This makes great gifts that my boys can easily and quickly make (and love to eat)!

Hot Cracker Bits
3/4 - 1 cup Canola Oil
1 pkg Oyster Crackers
4-6 tsp. Red Pepper
1 pkg. Ranch dip mix
Mix everything in a large gallon size baggie and flip every 15 minutes. We use the extra "Pizza Hut" packages of red pepper (1 package= 1 tsp)! Let mix stand overnight and then serve! ENJOY!

Found an idea for making cute snowman tags... here's my version pic here! Some scraps, paper punches and colored papers - snowman tags!

Also made refrigerator magnets for friends and co-workers using up scrap paper. Wanted to make something that would make people smile - and know that they are special; also on a budget and an unique gift that would be easy and not expensive to make! I think they all liked them and found a magnet that suited them and would put on their refrigerator. I work with so many great people - hope I made them smile!

Also made some decorated notepads for the office workers, housekeeper, hairstylist and Aric's 4th grade teachers. Using the cricket machine for making a large initial on the back - really added the pizazz that the gift needed! Functional but fun, pretty gift! LOL! Hope they like their new fancy notepad and USE them!

So ready for the next 2 weeks of enjoying time off from school and spending time with FAMILY! Hope you are doing some of the same!

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry it's been a while for a new post... a family member declare never to look at my blog again unless I posted something and got the maxi pad slippers off! Hee Hee!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope you and your family are healthy, happy and safe! Hug them REAL TIGHT this week! Have a great weekend!


Lana said...

Those are soooo cute!!! I think I may try some of those things, although they will not be nearly as cute as yours!!

mjvaughans said...

If I could just have one little bit of your creativity!! Yes, I too am a little tired of the commercialism and the never-ending purchases that need to be made around the holidays. But I still love the holiday season (even if it takes me 2 months to recuperate from it!). Love you all - have a Merry Christmas!