Wacky & Awesome Craft Ideas for Christmas

Not a day goes by that I'm not surfing the internet for craft ideas - especially now for Christmas. Found some

This weekend starts a "Cookie Exchange" - click on the link and start blog hopping for 13 different cookie recipes for Christmas!

or check out one of my favorite people's blog here to get a recipe for a "Month of Cookies"! You'll be glad you did - if you like COOKIES! (Luv you Crystal!)

"Wackiest" craft ideas - check this out! OMG! This has to be the "WACKIEST" craft to make - EVER - check out the instructions here for this "House Slipper" craft to make!

Here are two new websites for me that I found very helpful and exciting!

This website "Bargin Briana" tells you LOTS & LOTS of bargains and website specials that are very useful. Coupons, on-line specials, discounts... you name it - Briana has found it on this
website here! If you are looking to save $$$ - Briana will help!

This website "Tip Junkie" has a wealth of information for so many things! She's got mega links to lots of craft tutorials, recipes and activities! Take a spin through this blog here for some great ideas!

Just wanted to share a couple of new blogs for ya! TGIF! Hope you are off to a GREAT weekend!

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MamaBotos said...

made those slippers for a party, Wendy Stephens got them... I don't think anyone thought they were as funny as I did!! lol