Focusing on the POSITIVE!

Hope you are off to a GREAT start for a successful week ahead! Since starting the "Happiness Project" - I'm trying to focus on the POSITIVE in my life! I have been BLESSED with so many things - FAMILY is #1 on the list.

As a teacher, working all day with kids... sometimes I lack patience and a giving nature, as a mother, in dealing with my sons after a long day at work. I tend to "drain" those traits before I get to spend time with my own family... and I want to make a resolution to change that! My 2 youngest sons are normal boys - doing what all boys do - fighting, mess-makers, not EVER brushing teeth or taking showers without an argument- and for putting the toilet seat down - NEVER...! (That's IF they use the inside for "ya know"... if you have a son - "ya know" - boys "piddle" anywhere outside - argh!)

Received a letter in the mail yesterday, that ALEX has met all the requirements to join the CJHS NJHS! YAHOO! That's the school's National Junior Honor Society - we are thrilled! He has really turned up the effort and has really done well grade-wise! Alex suffers with ADHD - but so far he can control this enough at school to be medicine-free - NOT an easy feat for anyone. KV has this also - and all the myths that "you outgrow it" does not apply at our house! We are proud of him!

Aric is practicing to be in a community play this February. He will be "Alfred" in a "Hank the Cowdog" play - they'll be putting on 2 dinner theatre performances and one matinee! He has really jumped in and grabbed ahold of the whole "drama" thing. We are surprised! Can't wait to see him perform! He is working with some very nice people from our community - should be lots of fun!

So, I am making a point to focus on the positive things that my boys are doing! I'll need reminding as I'm breaking up a fight or finding molded food underneath a bed... or whatever - the important thing is we are healthy and HAPPY! I'm trying...! Life is too short not to enjoy and savor every minute!

How are you? Hope you are well...
A couple of weeks ago - some farmers were talking at the stock show about the "Farmer's Almanac" and the prediction of "If snow stays on the ground for at least 21 days - than another blizzard is coming..." it was day #23 when they were talking and there were snow patches still on the ground here in the big C-Town. Today, in the panhandle of Texas... we are preparing for a snow storm coming tomorrow (Wednesday), Thursday and Friday! How wild is that? How accurate is the weather forecast from the Farmer's Almanac - I have no idea; so this will be interesting to see if it's true, huh! We're ready for a "late start" any morning for school - LOL! I'll buy some extra groceries tonight and plan on just staying in this weekend! Hope your day is going well! Thanks for stopping by! Hug the ones you love!

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mjvaughans said...

You have talked me into my own "happiness" project...more details later. Your boys are adorable! I like to read your stories about them because it prepares me for what's coming in my future :-) Oh, snow! I'm soooo jealous! I love it! My friend here at work told me yesterday "we got snowed in in some little town called Childress over Christmas"! I laughed! Have a great week.