The ICE STORM of 2010

The Ice Storm of 2010 -
WOW - how much ICE can one town get? Whew - we got a bunch - and all of our town's poor trees - it's sad. Our community trees have endured 2 tornados and now an ice storm in the last few years - no wonder a bunch of them look like "Dr. Seuss" designed them, huh!

How do you all fare the storm? Were you able to keep warm enough? CISD let school out both days - making a 4 day weekend - a dream come true - BUT with the icy conditions, no TV and sometimes no electricity... not so fun.

Andy Hayes in Tusculoosa, Alabama was sitting watching the news and weather - and he heard the word CHILDRESS -freaked him out! He couldn't believe that they were talking about his hometown. He called Texas immediately to check on us and to find out if we had any electricity... we didn't! We lost ours about 3 PM on Thursday and didn't get it back until around 11:30-midnight. Argh! Thankfully, we have two gas heaters - one in the living room and one in the den - so we stayed comfortable.

Thinking up games and things to do in the dark wasn't as easy as you think (ahhhhh - come on - I've got two kids...!) We ate sandwiches by candlelight - played charades, tried to play dominoes - but couldn't see the dots too well!! I read out loud a book using a book-light ("Alvin Ho) to the boys - (KV had internet on phone)! We laughed (ROFL) every time KV tried to turn on a light (16 total!) and finally went to sleep about 9 PM -
ALL in the same bed -
(lasted only until 2 am when the house finally warmed up again!)

So! We've got another day of ice and no school. The boys love it -but WE know that now we've given up our two snow days and will have to make up the days - not so good! Every year, our church participates in a program called LTC and it's held on Easter weekend and we incorporate the day off of Good Friday for it - guess we'll have to take out a " discretionary absences" for the boys and personal days for us. Boo! Also Memorial Day will be a school day for us now - How will that work with graduation on the Friday before, hmmmm. We're trying to be positive - it'll all work out for the best!

I've got the Pioneer Woman's recipe for meatloaf in the oven for lunch - Alex made her "Restaurant Salsa" recipe... he's trying to butter up his "percussion" teacher at school! I'll have to bring some salsa to the teacher's lounge to get an overall approval - Amanda is the expert in Salsa... LOL! So today, I'm planning to touch-up paint my bathroom and re-caulk the toilet. My boys just LOVE when I give them "list to do"...(NOT!) but each have a list to complete today - we were too lazy yesterday - (Ahh...Mom! can ya hear it?) I'm the "evil mom", ya know! Planned to BEAT them at "Mexican Train", Uno Attack... and any other games that we play this weekend - LOL!

For my "Happiness Project" - this week's goal was to pick a nagging task and complete it -- it WAS going to be my garage - ARGH! It's HORRIBLE... I won't go into detail, but it's BAAAAAAD! But with the sub-degrees out there; it'll have to wait - the next nagging task, is taking all of KV's photos off of his digital camera - crop, sort and upload for printing - (There is over 2 YEARS worth of photos...) Will probably have to take out a loan to print them all! LOL!

Hope your having a great Friday - ready for a great weekend. Here are some pictures from our back and front yards - and down the street during the ICE STORM of 2010! Stay Warm! Thanks for stopping by! Hug the ones you love!

Look for the "Wolf Moon" tonight
- it's the brightest moon of the year!


Jenschke Family said...

So sorry about your electricity! But glad you could stay warm. Ours did not go out until 2 a.m. Friday. And came back on around 6 a.m. Not too bad since we were all in bed, warm and cozy. But, I couldn't sleep in anticipation of oversleeping and not getting up to get ready for school just in case. Then worried about water, pigs, dog, cats....just worried the whole time. Made me angry with myself.

Love the pictures of town. I am a little anxious to get out and look around. Can't see that happening until Sunday or maybe late Saturday afternoon. We're out of milk and sugar and Garrett thinks he is going to starve to death!! Just heard we need to boil our water!

Ok, I have written a novel just to say glad you guys are ok. We'll work something out for LTC. Thinking about Lonnie going early with Garrett and the group and I will come after school in our car, so that is an option for one of you if you both don't want to take the day off. Stay warm!

Lana said...

I love reading your posts!! We were without electricity for 10 hours too, but Tony hooked up a little heater to the welder.....and the kids talked him into plugging in the TV and a lamp! So we all stayed in the living room trying to huddle around the heat, hoping the welder didn't run out of gas!

I bought two Happiness project books. I gave one to Lynsi and I'm starting on the other one. Then we will share with Lacy and whoever else wants to read. I've just started, so I'll let you know what I think!

Stephanie Harbin said...

I will have to check into this happiness project stuff!! Don't develop your pictures until snap fish has one of those 50 for a penny each sale. Get'em cheap!!