A little bite of HEAVEN!

During the holiday, we ate and ate and ate!! Luckily, I only gained 3 extra pounds - but, ahhhh, the good food that we indulged! It's just a tradition to eat - as we gather with friends and family. Do you? Also, I'm not working and have time to cook... so I cook all of our favorites... and if Andy's home - We're cooking to outdo each other! LOL! "Andy - we miss you terribly!" He's starting school Monday - "Hang in there, babe!"

NaNa made a treat this holiday season - an Oreo Truffle! OMG! Have you tried these yet? YUM! Aric tried one and made the comment to me - "Mom, you've got to try these - it's a little bite of heaven!" - hee hee! He's such a nutt! But - oh my! Oreo Truffles are gooooooood! We made some truffles this weekend - this recipe makes a lot - we made our truffles "whooper size" YES! we know our candies...!

So this week's recipe swap is for Oreo Truffles! Here is a link to one of my favorite blogs that has the whole OREO TRUFFLE recipe with pics here! It's very easy - Oreos, cream cheese and candy coating... We used the white almond bark - Alex calls our recipe "Inside-out Oreos" - with the white now on the outside instead of the inside... you can also coat them in chocolate or whatever!

It was too cold to do anything outside this weekend, just washing clothes, cooking & playing games with the family! We've learned two new games - "Qwirkle Cubes" and "Uno Attack" -advanced methods from the original game -
Both were Christmas gifts - We enjoyed playing them - think I liked just the plain ole' Qwirkle better, though. The boys really enjoyed Uno Attack; something about - when the cards fly out at ya - is super funny!

During the holidays, one of my nieces introduced us to the "Chapstick Girl" - thanks AAC! Well, I decided to share her with my students this week at school - Oh my... some are in love, but all can't get her "jingle" out of their minds... too funny! I'll include her in this post. We're wondering what would happen if she and the "Numa Numa" guy got together... hmmm! Something to make you smile... hopefully. Goofy woman, she is!

Hope you are having a great weekend! Staying warm and enjoying time with family and the ones you love - HUG them tightly! Thanks for stopping by - let us know if you like the "Oreo Truffles"... or better yet - come by and we'll share some of ours! Have a great weekend!