Busy Bees!

46 school days left for CISD!
LOL! I can SMELL summer! Can you? Hee Hee!

How are you? We are Busy, busy, "busy little bees" here -

Our church youth group is gearing up for the big LTC activities in one week. Actually, we started in January... but now that it's so close - things have accelerated to a high speed! Puppets, skits, art sculptures, children books, singing, speeches - and the list goes on! Say a little prayer for us all - we need it! We will be taking about 100 people to the Anatole in Dallas, Tx this next week.

Well, we've created a "monster"! Andy Hayes has become the
He found 19 geocaches MONDAY and then 9 yesterday... he called last night to tell us that he now has a total of 60 geocaches... passing our 59 as a family - argh! Guess he could be doing worse things, huh! I do miss my Andy!
Our family actually "hid" two geocaches in our hometown during Spring Break! We were so excited to make some up some containers with a log book and some trinkets. Then we submitted them on the geocache website. If everything is good; then your cache gets published. It just took a couple of days - then we were published. The boys were TOTALLY excited when other geocachers found our caches! (within 2 days both were logged on! - travelers on Hwy 287) Here's pics of the boys planting our caches.

For more information about geocaching - go here! Search under your zip code to find out how many are in your area! There are now over a MILLION geocaches all over the world!

Hope you are having a great week! Thanks for stopping by! Hug the ones you love... 6 seconds!