Apple Dumplings - anyone?

During our Pot Luck church supper Sunday night, we sat besides a brother & sister family and had a wonderful visit. They both are in their 70's and have great stories about their childhood to tell! I could listen all night to stuff like that! I guess everyone has their "potluck special" that they bring. Do you? I have a standard of my "Sweet & Sour Meatballs", frozen corn and Texas Sheet Cake... it's just something I can put together quick and keep warm - if necessary! ANYWAYS, to make a short story, long... LOL! The sister, Lois T., makes the BEST apple dumplings and she always brings them to potlucks! That night, there wasn't any left to eat for dessert... but she did give me the recipe and today - I'm sharing it with you. Secret Ingredient is "Mountain Dew" - how wild is that! This is a very easy recipe to make!

Apple Dumplings
2 Cups Sugar
2 tsp. Cinnamon
2 apples; she prefers "Granny Smith" (the GREEN apples)
2 sticks of butter
2 rolls of Cresent Rolls
1 tsp Vanilla
Bottle of Mountain Dew

Preheat at 350 degrees. Place the 2 sticks of butter in 9x13" dish and place in preheating ove, this will melt the butter as the oven is heats up! Wash and peel the apples. Core and cut apples into 8 slices. Wrap a triangle of the cresent roll around an apple slice. You will have 16 dumplings! Pull out the HOT baking sheet and place the dumplings in the butter. Use POT PADS - this pan will be very hot! Mix together the sugar & cinnamon and sprinkle over the wrapped apples in the butter. Now pour the mountain dew soda around the side of the baking dish. Add the vanilla. Cook for about 40-45 minutes. Serve warm... (but George likes cold dumplings for breakfast... sometimes!)

Hope you are having a great week! Have a TERRIFIC day - today! Hug the ones you love the most - 6 seconds or longer!


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I think I could make that. I will have to try them cause they sound easy and delicious!! Thanks for sharing.