"Lucky" shirts!

Today, in Texas, is the TAKS ELA testing for students!

With KV (husband) being our District Testing Coordinator... this is a B-I-G day! And also - we have a 4th grade & 7th grade aged sons who are BOTH taking the writing part today, as well! So we need "all the help" we can get! LOL! We went to bed early last night, ate homemade WAFFLES this morning with bacon and eggs, donned
our lucky apparel - and we are READY! (hope!)

Last year, I grabbed some "St. Patrick Day" shirts on clearance for the boys to wear... this year, I've already grabbed more - will use them for testing AND for the holiday this month - LOL! The boys look soooo excited (not) this morning!

For all the students in Texas, their teachers and test givers -- GOOD LUCK!


West Texas Wife said...

They just look thrilled! What a good idea.. I am going to steal that idea for my son! Your such a creative momma!

Stephanie Harbin said...

Where did you get these shirts??? I need one for C.

The Vannoy Family said...

Walmart! (Where else in the big C-town! LOL!

Anonymous said...

They LOOK so THRILLED! ahhh NOT! I hope they did well!

Tell them I think they are handsome! I need to come see them!