A new word- MALASADA / Fried Snickers Recipe

A malasada is a Portuguese confection.
Malasadas are made of egg-sized balls of dough that are deep fried in oil and coated with granulated sugar. Traditionally, the reason for making malasadas has been to use up all the lard and sugar in the house, luxuries forbidden from consumption during Lent. Malasadas are eaten especially on Mardi Gras - the day before Ash Wednesday.

Hey! In TEXAS we've been frying up dough for YEARS...


This week's recipe is so sinfully (for the hips), but wonderful... it's deep-fried and should be served on VERY special occassions and not often - hee,hee! - it's a recipe for deep fried "Snickers" candy bars or use Twinkies, instead - for an equally delicious treat!

Fried Snickers
Snickers candy bars (Snack size are great to use!)Funnel cake mix
Frying oil
Popcicle sticks

Push popcicle sticks into Snickers bar from the bottom about half way up. Freeze Snickers until frozen solid. Mix up the funnel cake batter (using batter directions) Dip frozen Snickers into the batter. Fry in hot oil until golden brown (just a few minutes). Remove from oil and drain. Top with powdered sugar or caramel sauce if desired.

YES! You'll need to run ten miles and not eat for 3 days after the high sugar and fat intake... to make up the difference ! LOL! That's why you fix the "snack size" and eat only on special occasions! But if you've

never had a "Fried Snickers" - you really should! We sold these as a fund raiser during the 4th of July celebration for $3 each... and made A LOT of $$$ - we ran out of snickers!

Hope you are having a great week! Hang in there and HUG the ones you love real tight (for 6 seconds - at least!)!


Crystal said...

OMG! I haven't done FRIED Biscuit DONUTS in FOREVER! I have had them on my mind. Donuts are my big, can't eat just one...can hardly stop at 4! Can't have them on my diet! YUMMY!

Ms. Holder said...

Okay, Trey posted about fried meatloaf and you posted about friend Snickers.....there goes my diet for the weekend......LOL!!