2nd choice!

All weekend, I've been working on a "spectacular" card for the April Swap - requirement this month is using punches...

This "froggy" card - was my 2nd choice. Decided that making 7 of these would drive me crazy... It's too cute - totally "cased" for another stamper! Used the Stampin' Up sweet treat cup full of M&M's - but "oh my!" - it worked my nerves! LOL!

So, "How do you get the candy out?" - with the built-in sliding door on the back-inside - SEE! Too cool - but that caused me the most trouble - the little slider door - ARGH! Sometimes, I can make an easy thing - difficult!

Anyways - this is my 2nd choice. My first choice is done tonight finally - all 7 of them; actually I made 10! This card is a much simpler card - but adorable! Soon to come - my 1st choice for the April Card Swap!

Well, this is our "dreaded 6-day week of school... BOO! Yes! We are going through Saturday - making up for a snow day. No weekend this week... sniff, sniff! But only 6 wks left... YES! The count down is on for the last part of school!

Hope you are having a great start to a fabulous week! Thanks for dropping by! Hug the ones you love!


mjvaughans said...

Wow - I've never heard of having to makeup a day on Saturday! That is crazy! I would be so bummed out! That candy card is so cute :-) Bye!

Stephanie Harbin said...

yes, I have dreaded this week for a long time. I think I made myself sick yesterday dreading it so much. It too shall pass, though!! Love your 2nd choice, but LOVE your 1st choice!!