Penguins in April??

My mind is gone!
I'm making little Penguins in Snow on cards in APRIL! LOL!

Do you know what a group of penguins are called??

At Career Club Monday night - one of our esteemed & very smart member put together a "jeopardy" type game using "Groups of Animals" - I came in late (it was piano lesson night for the boys) and thank goodness I had an excuse because - I didn't know many!
What are the names for groups of:
1. penguins
2. giraffes
3. sharks
4. whales
5. leopards
6. ravens
7. owls
8. flamingoes

Anyways - we learned a lot from the game - thank you Kathy! She's on her way to Singapore... "volcano willing" tomorrow!

Back to Penguins in April... this card came out easy tonight - popped out 6 by 9 PM - and that included getting new tires on car, cooking supper, baseball scrimmage, piano group and washing dishes... whew! He's TOO CUTE! I think I bought the cuttlebug "Snowflake" embossing plate around Christmas with good intentions... it just took until April to use it! It's totally a "cased" card - but was excited with the results! Steph - "It's all your fault - punches for the swap!" LOL! Guess I'm still in the mode!

Hope you are doing well! Tornado season is upon us! Do you have a plan? Through experience and getting the poop scared out of us SEVERAL times... we do! I made Alex clean out his closet... just in case - NO running down the street in the middle of the night - if the house goes - we'll be in it! We almost lost Aric running to the cellar during a warning call last year - never again!

Thanks for dropping by - hug the ones you love the most - OH! The answers... did you get many right? Hope so - if not, you learned something - yahoo! Have a great week!
  1. rookery
  2. tower
  3. shiver
  4. pod
  5. leap
  6. unkindness
  7. parliament
  8. stand