Guess Who Got Glasses?

Today was a special day for a member of our family
"who got glasses"! Guess who it was...


The school nurse diagnosed a problem with Alex's eyesight not too long ago. Monday - we found that he has a stigmatism and probably has been compensating for it for years... but now -He LOVES the glasses. He was SHOCKED with how clear he can now see! It's fun to watch him look at every thing newly with a clear eyesight!

He only has to wear them during school, computer use, reading and playing the piano... but he is amazed with how well his eyesight is with the glasses... so he just may wear them all the time! I was so worried that he would hate them. YAHOO!

With such a busy weekend - we did not get to dye boiled eggs for Easter - SO we did them Tuesday (LOL!) I had a friend that told me... "Why did you color eggs for? Is that your way to celebrate Easter? White people are strange. " - Okay... yes and yes! hahahahaha! I know my boys are growing up, but some things are tradition... coloring eggs at Easter is one of the traditions that we all enjoy. Here's some pics of our "Dye Job" session:

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow is TGIF! Have a good one!


West Texas Wife said...

he looks great in them!

Stephanie Harbin said...

We still haven't done our eggs yet. We will probably do them this summer!!