Random Pictures...

Today, found "RANDOM" pictures on my camera and phone that I took at different times. Thought I would share some of them with you!

Have you ate at a Red Robin restaurant? We
had the honor of doing so on Sunday for our Easter meal! Of course, my boys, can sing the commercial to Red Robin and were thrilled to actually eat at one!

The first thing we ate was the "Tower of Onion Rings" - later when googling the fat content of this appetizer ... this was the WORSE thing to order - LOL! But it sure tasted great with two different dipping sauces!

Another speciality of the house was the "Freckled Lemonade" - WOW! This was a great drink! So our mission this week was to make a copykat recipe of this drink - here it is - it's our weekly recipe swap for this week - soooooo good!

"Copykat Freckled Lemonade"

1/3 Cup frozen sweetened sliced strawberries, thawed
1 Cup lemonade (we use "Hawaiian Punch" brand of lemonade)
Crushed ice

Fill a 16 ounce glass with ice. Spoon strawberries with syrup over the top of the ice.Fill the glass with lemonade.Add a lemon wedge and serve with a straw.

By the Pitcher:
2 Quarts Lemonade (we use "Hawaiian Punch" brand of lemonade)
2 Cups frozen sweetened sliced strawberries, thawed
Crushed ice
Add thawed strawberries and syrup into pitcher. Add crushed ice and gently stir in lemonade.

Compare this recipe to the real thing... think that you will find it very close! (Andy Hayes - check this one out and see what you think...)

Here's a picture out of my bedroom window during our Spring Break... amazing, huh! We woke up to everything covered in SNOW on our last Saturday before going back to school - it was bizarre - but pretty! By Monday - we were back in the 70's again!

Made 25 of these book markers for the Ladies Bible class that I taught a couple of weeks ago. It's always fun to make a "doo-dah" to give after my lessons. YES! It's a bribe... to be nice and patient with my teaching! LOL!

Yesterday, I was honored with a variety of Happy Birthday wishes from so many. 46 is a very high number - especially when your mindset is a lot lower! LOL! It didn't help that KV just turned 40 and we really played his age up... Paybacks are hard to take, sometime! My favorite comment - "Gee, Mom - if we rounded your age now - you'd be 50..." can that be?? GASP! :0

Last, are some pictures from the community wide annual 4-H Easter Egg Hunt! The boys always enjoy helping with this event. It was a total success with lots and lots of kiddos hunting eggs! The weather was nice also this year, for a change!
Well, that's it for some random pictures! I always have good intentions of taking pictures and then usually forget them! Hope you are off to a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by and hug the ones you love the most (at least 6 seconds).

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mjvaughans said...

They look so excited about the bunny ears - not!! Ha! Traci said she had a great time seeing you and visiting a bit. Have a great weekend!