Need YOUR help...!

It happened!

Angie at "My Chic 'n Scratch" held a creative contest on her blog. I entered my Teapot Notepad Purse and my project is on TODAY - you can go here to see it and the other 7 entries!

I need YOUR help

- VOTES are needed to win...

if you got a second, please, please, PLEASE click on over and add a comment!

It's exciting to just get "screen time" - so I've reached my goal - however it turns out!

So! How are you?

  • Tonight's our first PIRATES baseball game!
  • Only one more TAKS test to go at high school.
  • Guess who got this....

It's a white 2009 Yahama V-Star

OMG... it's not KV, or AV or the other AV - it's the blonde in Alabama - AH! aka - Andy

He's promised to take a "motorcycling riding" class before he does any major riding time - hmmmm! What's a mother to do? He's 21 and working, going to school and growing up WAY too fast - whaaaa! sniff! sniff! I guess, he thinks he's grown, huh! LOL! Wasn't that "me" riding on the back of a motorcycle 25 years ago... ? Time flies so fast...

Thanks for stopping by... hope you are having a great week! The weekend is coming - the whole Saturday and Sunday - Yahoo! Hug the ones you love!


Stephanie Harbin said...

Yours is the very best. I am so PROUD of you!!! I voted!! Did you really ride a cycle????

Crystal said...