Olive & Chocolate!

"Olive & Chocolate...
color scheme!
These cards are designed and created using the Stampin Up Chocolate Chip & Old Olive designer papers. I bought these as a kit and forgot what the example card was... so I made up new designs! Got this kit on eBay (love, love, LOVE eBay! - don't you?) from the "Paper Fairies" - seems like 2 years ago - could've been longer - who knows!
Remember my challenge - to use things that I have and not buy...

If you could see my garage - you would understand - it's a DISASTER! 1st thing on the list for cleaning out! Just needs some organizational storage - (totes & labels) and putting it all away in the storage closet... but the time involved will be massive - I'm afraid... just got to suck it up and do it, huh!

YAHOO! It's FRIDAY - and no school tomorrow or the next day and TAKS is over! Time for celebration! LOL! What are you going to do this weekend - hope you have fun! Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT weekend!