Highlights from the first ten days of summer!

I'm guilty!
I have not blogged in over a week - I apologize! Didn't think anyone noticed and two different people stopped me while I was grocery shopping and asked about the blog! WOW! Without leaving comments, I never know who drops by - hint, hint! So that was a pleasant surprise to found out!

The first week of our summer vacation has been to just RELAX - to catch up in some "much needed rejuvenation" ! I've slept A LOT! Sleeping late, naps - whenever KV will let me - LOL! I've sat down a couple of times to work on the computer and ZZZZZzzzzzz I was out! Yes, I do need my beauty sleep!

Aric and I both had the pleasure of appointments with the dentist - Dr. Green. I'm so old that I used to babysit the dentist - argh! True story - really! Here's a pic of Aric under the "gas"! We were laughing at the bright red cherry mask - aka - "Rudolph"! We both survived! I unfortunately gave my bad teeth to my children... now, KV can go "forever" without proper care and still have perfect teeth - not fair!

Next and most favorite - Aric celebrated his
11th birthday! My baby is 11 years old! He wanted red pancakes for his birthday breakfast! Later, we celebrated with a trip to Amarillo and dining at "Golden Corral". In Amarillo, we purchased Aric two Robo dwarf hamsters - (am I crazy - duh!)

Ask KV about the ride home for 2 hours - we lost one of the hamsters during the ride ... but we did find him in the end - so the story has a great ending - it was the middle that was "not so good" - I'll skip that part - it's funny NOW to tell about it!

So we've added two new members to the family!
Phineas and Ferb - are their names! Two more males in the "Vannoy Household" - yea, that's what I needed, huh! Wish us luck - we'll needed it! I love my boys!

So, how is your summer going so far? Are you relaxing and enjoying the warm summer nights? KV has planted almost 80 new plants in our yard so far this summer - 80! Take a look at the finished new flowerbed in the backyard. Now we're working on the front circle drive in front - more pictures soon!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are having a great week! I'm having fun being a "housewife"! KV is still working - has one more week to go! Remember to "Hug the ones you love them most"! Come back soon!

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Stephanie Harbin said...

Ciara says that Aric is lucky. I would never let her have any of those mousy things!!

I have slept a lot also. I just can't seem to get my energy back from the heat!