I am a "Label-addict" !

So the first thing on the
"To Do List for Summer"
is to organize the storage closet and garage. Finally started the "overwhelming" job - I've pulled out everything and organized items in totes and labeled everything - I think I'm suffering from being a "Label-addict" - It's something that I now realize, that I've done all of my life - label things... Hmmmm! What does that say about me, I wonder? Even at church potlucks - I've been laughed at for "labeling" my dish. Anyways - KV's now in charge of the "lifting" and putting back into the storage room - hee hee! How quick will we be able to get new garage doors - the wait is on!

Here's a cute summer birthday card that I made for Aric's friend. I found a .99 cent rubber stamp at the Dollar Tree - a "Hawaiian Shirt" - did some paper piecing and matched the inside with a $20 folded into a shirt! Need to make some more of these - it was a total hit - but what could you NOT put a $20 bill on and a kid would love... true?

Here's some more of KV's hard work in our yard. He's finished the back fence flowerbed - adding 3 "Althea" plants (aka Rose of Sharon),1 euonymus bush and 2 holly bushes. Looks good - huh!
Also a pic of our circle drive in front. This has been a problem spot for years! Last year, it was known as
"The Jungle" because of the large and multiple weeds - argh! Our neighbors will be so happy - no more "jungle" to look out on from their front door!

FYI! We bought 10 bags of pond rocks - thinking that was a good estimate to fill in the area - NOT! We went and bought more - and ended up putting in 24 bags of rock! Thank goodness that rock is fairly cheap! So, we learned when you think you have enough - buy more! Haha! He also planted in the circle drive - 2 pink hawthorne shrubs on each end and filled in with 2 more white hawthorne in the middle. The other variegated shrubs were planted 7 years ago by the previous owner (one is big and the other shrub is wimpy - damaged by tornado, ice storm and one wild teenage girl driver...) - can't figure out what they are exactly - some think these shrubs are an American Holly - but others think a type of pittosporum shrub - any hints? (I don't have a clue...) I'm not the one with a green thumb or even thumbnail... plastic plants are my favorite!

Hope you had a great week! Love the month of JUNE! We are staying home so much more than the school days - and I absolutely love it! Thanks for stopping by! Hug the ones you love the most!

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West Texas Wife said...

I love the labels finally I find someone like me... Steve says I am crazy for all the things I label! LOL