Loving the month of June!

Summer, summer, summer
- I love the summer!

Not much to post... figured you didn't want pictures of cleaning, going through closets, vacuuming... LOL!
It's been a blessing to just STAY HOME and live!

KV is still working like a madman in his yard planting and general lawn care! We've pruned my favorite red cherry plum tree that's planted in the front yard. The
tornado and ice storm really did a job on this tree - so we've pruned it waaaaaay back. Hope
it survives! I do love this tree!

Take a look at these hibiscus blooms - so pretty! KV planted 2 of these trees in our front porch pots - and they love the morning sun! (UN-like me - hee hee!)

My boys have discovered the classic board game CLUE! the more "modern" one is changed alittle from the classic "old" one that I used to have - but it's still fun! The boys have enjoyed playing it this summer! Did you ever play CLUE - who were you? Doesn't everyone have their special character... I'm always Ms. Scarlett! I love red!

Check out Aric's new "do"! He was so good at the dentist when they sealed some of his permanent teeth - his dental hygenist wanted me to treat Aric - he choose a MOHAWK! I'm sure she was thinking ice cream or something else - LOL! Only Aric!

When Alex got up in the barber's chair - he just said "Just Normal", please! That's Alex - just normal - hahaha! He goes to LCU for their "Camp Champion" next week - it's just for junior high students! This will be his first year for this camp! The dates of our family cruise falls on the QMCC camp week (Boo!) this year - so we'll be skipping that camp (frown)! Sorry John - we still love you!

And I can't forget to included a picture of my sweetheart! Can ya tell that I've got a new camera?
It's a red, small, samsung digital that I can carry in my purse - so far, it does great up close - no distance whatsoever, though! It's my early anniversary present from KV - 15 years on the 23rd of this month!

We've got TOY STORY 3 on the agenda for tomorrow - in 3-D! Can't wait! Later this afternoon - I've got a "Spray Tan" appointment... very nervous! I'll get KV to take before and after pics! I need some "summer color" - and do not tan well! We'll see if this is the answer and how long it will last! Now to find a quick remedy for losing 20 lbs - LOL! Do you know of one? I've got about 5 weeks - "Starve?" you say -hahaha!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are having a great week! Remember to HUG the ones you love - life is truly so short! Enjoy life!


mjvaughans said...

I love summer too - I just wish it would happen during winter! :-) This hot weather is killing us! I wish you were here to organize me. It's hard to get organized with a six year old and two year old pulling everything out behind you! I can't wait to see Toy Story 3 either. And, Traci was our Clue player. Andy loves his hair in a faux-hawk and keeps begging me for a real mohawk! ha! Have a great rest of the week.

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Stephanie Harbin said...

Summer is slipping away too quickly!! But it looks like you and your guys are having fun.

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