One Day 4-H this Saturday!

On October 9, 2010, in the state of Texas, will be ONE DAY 4-H. 4-H will be hosting a fun time to it's community to say "Thank You"! In Childress, our celebration will be from 11 AM to 2 PM on Saturday at the Fair Park's Pavilion.
Free hot dogs, drinks, games, prizes, pumpkins, face painting... and more!

The boys and I have used the ideas from our Halloween treats this month for new and colorful 4-H themed goodies that lucky participants will win during the games at this celebration ! I'm using a "leather tool" for stamping the 4-H! Help! If you have seen or know of a rubber stamp with the symbol 4-H - PLEASE! let me know! - Thanks!
Hey Steph... did you see our 4-H sucker covers?, too cute, huh! That was one of the treats that she shared with us last week at the Stampin Up Party! She's soooo talented!
Come join us on Saturday!


Stephanie Harbin said...

Very nice, I hope I win one!!

Stephanie Harbin said...

How come there is no place for comments on your previous post? Anyway, You accomplished a LOT this weekend!! I'll bet you feel good. All I did was sleep this weekend!!

MamaBotos said...

Thanks for the reminder for the 4-H fun day! The kids & I shall be there! love me some Melissa

Jenschke Family said...

So these prizes for G's fishing booth? LOL Very cute so all the kids will want your prizes...cheep stuff from Wal-Mart is no competition! See you then.