A "Doo-Daa" Weekend!

After a VERY long week - I had a "Doo-Daa" Weekend! "What the heck is that?", you ask? It's where I accomplished a lot of "Doo Daa" stuff - LOL!

First, is the Halloween card that I entered into a Card Challenge. If you have the time, click over to this link and VOTE! She's taking votes through the 8th of October. She's a childhood friend and I couldn't wait to participate in her challenge. She's a sweetie - love you Crystal-Pistol!

On Tuesday of this week, Aric received his 1st paycheck. He was sooooooo excited! He's working for "Kim's Gym" with the 4 boys groups on Monday and Tuesday... Yes! Call the child labor union - he's only 11 years - but he LOVES it! (and Ms. Kim - super crush!) Now, he can spend HIS money on those dumb wrestlers!

On Thursday, Alex was team captain for his team! Go Bobkittens! He's #24! It was HOT on Thursday - but wasn't the weekend AWESOME with the fall weather? - yahoo! So cool and crisp - LOVE it!

Here's a pic of Alex during the Friday night festivities with Littlefield. Not bad for an 8th grader that trying to "hang" with the high school kids, huh? He's helping out with the percussion for contest - so he's getting a head-start on marching for next year! This was his first homegame to play for (the first game was Homecoming and the band didn't do their normal performance...)

So, on to the "Doo Daa's" - I ordered several craft kits for Halloween last year... and I completed some of them this weekend. The bad thing about this is... I've lost some of the pieces or forgot what piece goes where... so it's a surprise to see what actually turns out! LOL! So I think I'm ready for Halloween... but now Aric's 5th grade teacher won't allow any black cats, bats, ghost for the October party - nothing Halloween - just pumpkins and scarecrows. BOO! I respect her wishes, but my eyeball gum treats are so cool.... ): "pout"!

I tried my hand at making "paper beads" for a necklace. Made a bunch of beads and then strung them up... and the necklace is tooooo short. POO! Got any suggestions? I'm up for plan B...

Next is another Halloween card - I've even sent out a half of a dozen of Halloween cards so far this month! If I'm going to make 'em - I will use them (or that's my goal!)

Getting ready for Harvest, Fall and Thanksgiving. WOW! It's finally time, huh! We just finished our 1st 6 wks... didn't we just start school? - zoooooom! Fall is here, fall is here - Hurray!

Well, so much for all my "Doo Daa's"! Hope you are having a great week! Mondays are SO tough, huh! Thanks for stopping by! Hug the ones you love the most! Come back soon!